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Carman - Profile of a Christian Artist




Carman Ministries

Carman Born:

Carman was born Dominic Licciardello on January 19, 1956 in New Jersey to a loving Italian family.

Carman Biography:

As a boy, he played the drums and the guitar, and he began singing in his teenage years. As his career developed, Carman played clubs then went on to Las Vegas. It was after seeing an Andrae Crouch concert that Carman gave his life to Jesus Christ. After five years of preparation and prayer, he moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where he began to build his ministry headquarters for a worldwide outreach.

During the next twenty years Carman changed the face of Christian music and evolved contemporary evangelism into what it is today. Carman established "Carman Ministries," a non-profit organization that touches the lives of millions of people all over the world. Billboard Magazine named him "Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year" in 1990. He has received several gold and platinum albums and videos.

Carman Honors & Awards:

  • Billboard's CCM Artist of the Year in 1990
  • Sales of over 10 million records
  • Over one million concert salvations
  • Carman holds the record for holding the largest solo Christian concert in history with 50,000 in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1993
  • Six videos certified RIAA Gold and two certified RIAA Platinum
  • Nine albums certified RIAA Gold and two certified RIAA Platinum
  • Seven Dove Awards

The Music of Carman:

In the 30+ years since Carman started recording, he's released tons of music. The releases listed here are not all-inclusive, as there are quite a few CDs only available for purchase from Carman's website, but they are the most well-known.

Carman Starter Songs:

Carman - News & Notes:

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