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What Do Christian Music Booking Agents Do?


Rebecca St. James

Rebecca St. James


Question: What Do Christian Music Booking Agents Do?

Ok - so what exactly does a booking agent do? Are they the same thing as a manager?

Answer: Christian Music booking agents are in a different field from managers. Booking agents are the people that actually book shows for the artists that they represent. They make all of the arrangements with the people promoting the shows. Fine details like lighting, sound, meals, hotel accommodations, transportation and even snack food are all handled by bookers for their artists. For concert buyers, they work to find the right artist that will fit in the need and budget that is available. Many of the major booking agents won't represent a client unless they are already with a major label and have national distribution of their music. Because of this, most indie artists do their own booking and generally do not have as many riders (extras) that they require. Fees that booking agents charge different fees for the services that they provide. The cost factor of having a booking agent has to be weighed against what they can do for clients and buyers alike. Some agents represent several different types of Christian artists, while others represent artists in one main area/genre'. Some of the best known booking agents are: Richard De La Font, The Harper Agency and Jeff Roberts.

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