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Silers Bald - 'Real Life'

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Silers Bald - Real Life

Silers Bald - Real Life

Silers Bald has achieved unheard of success during its seven years as an independent band. The musical blend that Warren Bazemore, Jason Jacobs, Marcus Myers and Shane Williams put together, using strong melodies, beautiful harmonies and a mixed feel of music explain why. The ballad like sound of many of the songs, tied together with lyrics that reach out and touch you make Real Life a winner.
In their debut release with Essential Records, they jump right into it with Got Me Smilin'. The song itself reminded me a great deal of an early version of Steven Curtis Chapman. Real Life, the title track, continues the theme of excellent work. This song has a flow and feel that would make guitar legend Joe Satriani proud. Powerful lyrics on top of the pile made this one of my favorite cuts. The chorus speaks of something that all people, both Christian and non-Christian alike can relate to ... "I wanna live, I wanna breathe the air and touch the sky. I wanna live, I wanna fly high. I wanna live, I wanna be set free so catch me breathless with real life. It's what my heart was always looking for." My Heart will sing is a Celtic sounding ballad with beautiful lyrics and a good message. Feel, track six, was an interesting song with a definitely catchy tune. Other personal favorites of mine are Turn and Truly Gifted. Track List: Got Me Smilin', Real Life, My Heart Will Sing, Emmanuel, Carolina Line, Feel, So On, All I Can Be, Room Song, Turn, Truly Gifted
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