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Ed Nicholson - 'Out of My Hands'

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Ed Nicholson - Out of My Hands

Ed Nicholson - Out of My Hands

The Bottom Line

Ed Nicholson's Out of My Hands is a good release, with 5 out of 10 of the songs speaking to me in a big way.


  • Mellow, but still upbeat
  • Strong lyrics


  • None


  • Style: contemporary
  • 11 songs
  • Release Date: 2002

Guide Review - Ed Nicholson - 'Out of My Hands'

Don't let appearances fool you. Ed Nicholson may have "the look" that is usually associated with a hard edge, but he has a really beautiful, smooth sounding voice. And use it he does ... to bring us some very strong messages blended with an acoustic sound that can cut through the noise of the world to the heart of the matter.

My favorite song on the CD, "Restoration," was originally written by Ed for a Phillips, Craig and Dean album and could easily be the anthem for the world that we live in now.

"Canyons (You Lift My Voice)" is like a prayer of thanks set to music. It builds from quiet prayer to on-your-feet praise with ease.

"Beautiful Thing" has a celestial sound to the chorus, with an "attitude-filled" verse. Nice mix.

"Always A Savior," another favorite, gives hints of a wah-pedal being used, which is definitely different for this style of music.

"Mercyseed," is the most moving song on the CD. It's an absolutely beautifully crafted song that blends an acoustic guitar, a flute and a cello. The lyrics truly do call out to you.

Give Ed a listen and I'm betting that you find some tunes that touch you too.

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