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David Phelps - 'Revelation'

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David Phelps - Revelation

David Phelps - Revelation

The Bottom Line

An amazing talent like David Phelps should put out an amazing CD right? Revelation is just that ... amazing. The vocal ability of this man is nothing short of awesome and the lyrics in the songs that he wrote and the ones that he selected touch you in a place somewhere around the bottom of your heart and soul. The phrase that comes to mind when trying to describe this CD is "oh my goodness!"
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  • Outstanding lyrics
  • Outstanding vocals
  • Outstanding music


  • Are you kidding?


  • Released: February 24, 2004
  • 12 Songs
  • Dramatic ballads meets energetic pop

Guide Review - David Phelps - 'Revelation'

If I were to break down Revelation in a song by song format, I'm afraid that I would be redundant. I would repeat the phrases "soaring vocals," "extraordinary strength" and "perfectly blended music" over and over again and I do hate to repeat myself. "Just As I Am," "Revelation," "Arms Wide Open" and "Heart of Hearts" are all over the top. "Virtuoso," "Satisfaction" and "God Will Take Care of You" are close seconds. To tell the truth, the whole CD is what my teenagers would call "off the chain." David Phelps has a voice that just won't quit and every song is filled with such passion that you're caught between awe of his talent and awe of the songs themselves. Listening to Revelation is like listening to a very personal musical conversation between a true believer and God himself.
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