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Kathy Troccoli - 'Greatest Hits'

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Kathy Troccoli Greatest Hits CD, 2003

Kathy Troccoli Greatest Hits CD, 2003

The Bottom Line

If you're a Kathy Troccoli fan, Greatest Hits is a treasure trove of songs. If you're not an admirer of her music, well, you probably won't be reading this in the first place.

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  • Eleven #1 hit songs
  • New version of Holy, Holy


  • I liked the old version of Stubborn Love better.


  • Released by Essential on July 1, 2003
  • 14 songs
  • Style: Adult Contemporary
  • New versions of "Stubborn Love" and "Holy, Holy"

Guide Review - Kathy Troccoli - 'Greatest Hits'

After 21 years, 13 CD's, 19 Dove Award Nominations, 3 GRAMMY Nominations and 17 #1 songs, Kathy Troccoli has released her first greatest hits CD. The playlist includes upbeat tunes like "Sounds of Heaven," "Everything Changes" and "Mission of Love." On the slower side, there is "Go Light Your World," "You're The Heart of Me," "Psalm Twenty-Three," "Help Myself To You," "A Different Road," "I Will Chose Christ," "Love Has A Name," "I Call Him Love" and "My Life Is In Your Hands."

Some artists make music that brings you to your feet in praise. Kathy's music makes you want to bow your head in worship. The lyrics to Love Has A Name are a perfect example. Her songs make God more real in a day & age where "seeing is believing" seems to be the motto of many.

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