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Todd Agnew - 'Grace Like Rain'

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Todd Agnew CD cover, Grace Like Rain

Todd Agnew CD cover, Grace Like Rain

The Bottom Line

Grace Like Rain is a good CD. Todd Agnew may sound a bit like Dave Matthews or even Creed, but he mixes his sound with hymns that have been "reworked" for something truly unique.
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  • Many styles included in one CD
  • Awesome lyrics


  • No cons


  • Released July 22, 2003
  • 12 Songs
  • Style: Mix of alt. rock and worship with some jazz and blues thrown in.

Guide Review - Todd Agnew - 'Grace Like Rain'

The first time I heard "This Fragile Breath," the first radio release off of Grace Like Rain, I thought "wow!" When Grace Like Rain hit the stores, I was ready. Out of the twelve songs, eight were definite "loves" that I could listen to over and over again. The other four weren't bad, they just didn't give me goose-bumps. "Grace Like Rain," which borrows the words from "Amazing Grace," was one of those songs that makes you want to weep and rejoice at the same time. "Come Ye Sinners" sets lyrics from a hymn to an acoustic rock sound for another winner. Some reviewers may think that he sounds too "copy-catish" of mainstream music, but to borrow sounds from the here and now to bring people to worship works for him and it certainly worked for me.
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