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Stereo Motion - 'Stereo Motion'

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Stereo Motion CD cover

Stereo Motion CD cover

The Bottom Line

For me, eight out of twelve songs struck a chord and in all of the songs, the lyrics hit the bullseye. Stereo Motion did well.
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  • Old style rock and roll sound
  • Hard-hitting lyrics


  • Not what Phat Chance fans will expect


  • 12 Songs
  • Pure rock and roll
  • Release Date: 9/2/03

Guide Review - Stereo Motion - 'Stereo Motion'

My first thought when I heard Stereo Motion was "reminds me of the early Stones". It was like taking a trip back to the good old days when rock was rock and bands recorded "live" to capture the energy and heart of the music, instead of going for absolute perfection in a nice, sterile and overdubbed studio environment. "Tip of My Tongue" and "New Face," two of my favorites, seem to set the overall tone for the whole CD ... wake up and DO something with the life that God has given you. Add to that the absolute explosion of guitars in "Revolution Times" and the edgy, driven sound of "Shaken Up" and you're cooking with gas! For those looking for a more mellow sound, "Ghost" and "Here to Save You" give you an easy sound, without sacrificing passion.
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