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Casting Crowns - 'Casting Crowns'

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Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns

Beach Street

The Bottom Line

It is no big surprise that the first radio release off of Casting Crowns is the fastest mover in recent history. The music itself is extraordinary and the lyrics are 100% real ... no fluff here. I like the CD so much that I bought one for my mom, who is in her 50's and another one for my daughter, who is eight. That's a good example of how wide-spread this bands appeal is. You can't go wrong with this one.


  • Awesome vocals and music
  • These songs challenge you to look at your relationship with God


  • None that I've heard


  • 10 songs
  • Released September 2003
  • Pop/rock style

Guide Review - Casting Crowns - 'Casting Crowns'

The story behind Casting Crowns is like a modern day fairy tale. Mark Hall, a youth minister for over 12 years, followed God's calling on his heart and from that came music that speaks to your heart in ways you can't ignore. Mark was obedient and his reward has turned into our blessing ... on a wide scale.

This release, the first for the brand new Beach Street Records, is taking Christian music by storm. The first single to hit radio, "If We Are The Body" is taking the charts by storm. It reminds us that as the body of Christ, we are representatives of Him, and it's not our job to pick and choose who is acceptable and who isn't. Other highlight songs include "What if His People Prayed," a song that speaks of how powerful Christians can be if we start praying and living like we're supposed to; "Who Am I," the question we all ask at some point and the song gives us the ultimate answer ... everything I am is because of who You are; "American Dream," a story of modern day America ... living the dream and losing the soul; and "Here I Go Again," a please Lord don't let me mess up something as important as sharing You with someone in my life song.

  • Certified RIAA Gold on 06/04/2004
  • Certified RIAA Platinum on 02/10/2005
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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Casting Crowns: Until the Whole World Hears, Member Dunnlady

Casting Crowns is a Christian group that consists of seven Christian men and women that have a heart of spreading the word of God through Music. The Lead singer, Mark Hall, is a Youth Pastor. He writes songs that the youth can relate to. Mark never anticipated that His music would go further than the worship in his local church and now it is one of the most listened to Christian artists. The rest of the group consists of Juan DeVevo and his wife Melodee, Brian Scoggin, Megan Garret, Hector Cervantes, and Chris Huffman. Each has a special ministry in either worship or with the youth in their churches. Until the whole world hears was released on November 19th, 2009. The title is also a single on the CD. The CD consists of 12 heartfelt songs that preach the gospel. With song titles such as ""If we've ever needed you"", ""Always enough"", ""Blessed Redeemer"", and ""Jesus, hold me now"", the CD makes for one worshipful experience after another. The Lyrics of each song invite the listener into the mind of Mark Hall. As a listener , these songs will speak directly to your heart about the trials we go through daily. The songs take a Christian on a spiritual Journey of how to better serve God and reach the lost, yet offers answers and hope for those still seeking. Every CD Casting Crowns produces is extraordinary…and this one is no exception.

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Kim Jones
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