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MercyMe - 'Undone'

About.com Rating 5 Star Rating


Mercy Me - Undone

Mercy Me - Undone


The Bottom Line

MercyMe's Undone is packed with songs that will touch your heart. "Homesick" is an especially poignant song. It came after the band lost several people that were close to them. For example, Bart Millard had nine close friends and family members, including his 20-year-old brother-in-law, pass away in less than six months. That song alone would make the album a hit.


  • More of a rock worship sound
  • Very personal lyrics - as you'd come to expect from MercyMe


  • No cons that I've heard


  • Genre: Modern rock/worship
  • Released: April 20, 2004 on INO Records
  • Tracks: 13

Guide Review - MercyMe - 'Undone'

Undone has been called by many people as one of the best new releases of 2004 and I have to agree. It's MercyMe's third release and the first one since the addition of new guitarist, Barry Graul. The songs are not the ballad style that we've come to expect from MercyMe, with the exception of a couple. Rather than try to produce another "Almost There" or "Spoken For", they went for something all-together different. Lead singer Bart Millard said "We've been a rock band for 10 years. Before we ever signed, it's what we wanted to be. Then we became known as the band of ballads when 'I Can Only Imagine' came out. On 'Undone', we've focused quite a bit on some of the up-tempo songs on this record to make sure we're still enjoying what we do." The professional and personal growth that each member has made certainly shows throughout the CD. The album itself is exceptionally well done.

"Homesick" is the true gem on this release. Should it be a radio release, I won't be a bit surprised to see it in the number one spot for many, many weeks. "Undone" and "Keep On Singing" are the same way.

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