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Finding Work in the Christian Music Industry


There are so many different areas within the realm of Christian Music Ministry that you can use your God-given talents.

The most obvious, of course, is in churches. Churches have both paying and volunteer positions for:

  • Music Minister
  • Worship Leaders
  • Youth Leaders that specialize in music
  • Praise Band members
  • Choir members

Record Labels

Christian Record Labels have both paying positions and internships that give you college credits. No, you won't start out as an A & R rep. (unless you have experience in that field), but a great deal can be learned about how things work in the industry when you're doing anything at a label.

Other places that offer employment opportunities are:

  • Booking Agents that specialize in Christian artists
  • Management Companies that work with Christian artists
  • Recording Studios
  • PR firms
  • Promoters

What you are called to do and where you live are two factors here. I've never been in a city in America that doesn't have churches, but all of the other places listed are not generally found in every city. If you're willing to relocate to an area that has more music industry businesses, you will have more options to choose from.

Where to Search

Check your local classifieds first. Ask the people at your church, your favorite Christian book/music store and your neighbors if they know of any job or volunteer openings in the area you're looking at. Then check online. There are several great resources online that give you a very wide range of places and jobs to choose from. Some of the best that I've found are:

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