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'I Love You Always' - Christian Wedding Songs by Aaron Eddy


Aaron Eddy - I Love You Always

Aaron Eddy - I Love You Always

Apg Productions

"Never Would've Known":

From the CD ...

And now, he's taking me to new heights
And showing me how to do right
By you, the woman made just for me
And I never ever could be complete without you, Baby.


From the CD ...

I know I can't love you like the Son of Man
No greater love than when He died, He died for a friend
But my love compares because it's, it's God Divine Plan
I can only promise you that I'll do, the very best that I can

"Best In Me":

From the CD ...

Not a day goes by
when I don't think of you
I am truly blessed
to find someone like you

"Always" (Acoustic Version):

From the CD ...

I love you, I love you
Right after I sing, I'll wed you with this ring
I love you, I love you
I'll never be ashamed, of what God has ordained
So here I do stand before God, before man
And I proclaim this day and always ...
I love you

"I'm Still in Awe":

From the CD ...

I'm so enthralled by you
I'm still in awe you said I do
Today my love I'm yours for love

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