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ASCAP's 25th Annual Christian Music Awards
Over 200 music industry leaders and dozens of Christian music’s top stars gathered to celebrate the presentation of the Twenty-fifth Annual ASCAP Christian Music Awards in Franklin, TN on June 2, 2003. The artists attending included Rachael Lampa, Third Day, Mercy Me, Paul Colman, Caedmon’s Call, Kyle Matthews, The Katinas, Sonicflood, Newsboys, Selah, Bebo Norman, Audio Adrenaline and Zoegirl.

There were performances by Sparrow Records newcomer Jaydn Maria and Word Records newcomer Across The Sky. Curb Records artist Selah capped off the evening with a performance from their album Press On. A special award was presented to Amy Grant to commemorate her twenty-fifth anniversary of ASCAP membership and for twenty-five years as a Christian songwriter and artist. Wise Child’s Luke Bulla and Casey Driessen honored Grant with a musical tribute.

ASCAP winners, photo courtesy of ASCAP.  All Rights Reserved

The top winners were:
  • Songwriter of the Year: Bart Millard for “I Can Only Imagine.”
  • Song of the Year “Show Me Your Glory” (written by Tai Anderson, Brad Avery, David Carr, Mark Lee and Mac Powell, published by New Spring Publishing, Inc. and Vandura 2500 Songs).
  • Christian Publisher of the Year: Brentwood Benson’s New Spring Publishing for:
    • “Cover Me”
    • "I Don’t Want To Go”
    • "It’s Alright”
    • "Psalm 112”
    • "Show Me Your Glory”
    • "Surrender”
    • "You Are The Way”

The 25 most performed songs of 2002 were:

  • “Above All” - Writers: Paul Baloche, Lenny LeBlanc
  • “Before There Was Time” - Writer: Aaron Senseman
  • “Begin With Me” - Writers: Steve Siler & David Tyson (SOCAN)
  • “Breathe” - Writer: Marie Barnett
  • “Breathing Life” - Writer: Cindy Morgan
  • “Cover Me” - Writer: Bebo Norman
  • “I Am” - Writer: Ginny Owens & Dwight Liles
  • “I Can Only Imagine” - Writer: Bart Millard
  • “I Don’t Want To Go” - Writers: Jess Cates, Yancy Wideman
  • “I’m All Yours” - Writers: Paige Lewis, Rachael Lampa, Natalie LaRue, Phillip LaRue
  • “In Christ” - Writer: Michael Weaver
  • “It Is You” - Writer: Peter Furler
  • “It’s Alright” - Writers: Tai Anderson, Brad Avery, David Carr, Mark Lee, Mac Powell
  • “Million Pieces” - Writer: Peter Furler
  • “Ocean Floor” - Writers: Tyler Burkum, Ben Cissell
  • “One Fine Day” - Writers: Grant Cunningham, Mark Hammond, Stephanie Lewis
  • “Psalm 112” - Writers: Mark Harris, Tony Wood
  • “Rejoice” - Writers: Jammes Castro, Joseph Katina, John Katina, Jesse Katina
  • “Resonate” - Writer: Rick Heil
  • “Show Me Your Glory” - Writers: Tai Anderson, Brad Avery, David Carr, Mark Lee, Mac Powell
  • “Surrender” - Writer: Mark Harris
  • “Wide Open” - Writers: Leonard Ahlstrom, Russ Lee
  • “With All Of My Heart” - Writer: Chrissy Conway
  • “Write Your Name Upon My Heart” - Writer: Rick Heil
  • “You Are The Way” - Writer: Steve Hindalong

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