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FLAME - 'The 6th'

Featuring several special guest artists

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FLAME - The 6th

FLAME - The 6th

Clear Sight Music
For FLAME's sixth album, aptly titled The 6th, he enlisted several of his friends. Names like Young Noah, Lecrae, Thi'sl and Steve T pepper the release with the other rappers adding their own flavor to the project. However, FLAME didn't just stay in the rap box; he brought in some other friends from other genres and the pairings may surprise you. V Rose adds soaring pop/R&B vocals; AD3 delivers a smooth taste of R&B; Chris Lee Cobbins offers up elegant gospel sounds and DecembeRadio throws in some good old southern rock. Top it all of with absolutely relevant lyrics and you've got a winner on your hands.

Nothing "Run of the Mill" Here

  • Style: Christian Rap
  • 15 Songs
  • Time: 55 minutes
  • Release Date: March 6, 2012
  • Label: Clear Sight Music

Just in case FLAME didn't mix things up enough to suit you by blending in other styles of Christian music, he threw a couple more surprises into the pot on The 6th. Listening to the release will uncover dubstep as well as a song with reverse vocals courtesy of labelmate V Rose (all Christian in nature, of course).

The album itself is like a trip that starts on the sixth day of Creation when God created mankind so you really need to listen to this one in order to be able to follow the story. Lyrically, it covers the traps we fall into and the lies we tell ourselves to make them easier to swallow with the love of the God who created us all and the Savior that loved us enough to die for us covering the whole thing. It's gritty; it's hard hitting and above all, it's real.

Let FLAME Tell You a Story

The story kicks off with the title track, featuring Chris Lee, which is about the sixth day, when and why we were made.

Flow into "The Great Deception," which brings the temptation of Eve in the Garden of Eden, told from the point of view of the serpent. Slick and self-deprecating, the serpent lays it on thick as a humble beast from the field who is just trying to help Eve out.

In a press release, FLAME talked about the next song, "Show Out," saying, "Jesus showed up on the cross and showed out when he was resurrected." Yep - in the grand scheme of things, we may do things that other people call great (like the FLAME and Lecrae one two punch found on this song), but none of us can or would show out like Jesus did when He beat death on the Cross! Life is about Jesus - not fame, not achievements, not kudos from others and not money. Showing out isn't proven by a wall of awards, a mantle of trophies or flashing a huge wad of cash. Showing out is being as much like Jesus as we can be.

Speaking of cash, "Trap Money" deals with it and our love affair with it in hard hitting terms. Featuring Thi’sl and Young Noah, the song reminds us that money doesn't fix anything and when we're more interested in it than we are God, we're chasing what 1 Timothy 6:10 calls "the root of all evil."

Jump down to the hook filled "Running," featuring Steve T. and you get a title that is self-explanatory. Adam and Eve ran and hid from God after the fall and we do the same thing now - ducking and trying to hide from God when we mess up. It doesn't work for us any better than it worked for them.

"Devil's Bread" speaks of temptation and how, even though He was temped, Jesus didn't fall prey to what Satan offered. We should be so steadfast in our faith.

Finish up with "Let Go," featuring DecembeRadio and you have the lesson we should have all learned by now ... we've got to let go and let God. Jesus can handle our problems, issues and lives. He never takes coffee breaks or vacations. So trust and let go!

Bottom Line - The 6th is classic FLAME, as thrilling and heady as it is true and hard hitting. It's a big hit at my house and we cover an age range that goes from 12 to 44 with big-time rap fans as well as us "old folks" who only listen to a handful of rappers. FLAME has been a favorite since 2008's Our World Redeemed with all of us and his new project just adds fuel to our flame!

The 6th Track Listing

  1. Try Me (f/ Young Noah)
  2. The 6th Day (f/ Chris Lee)
  3. The Great Deception
  4. Show Out (f/ Lecrae)
  5. Trap Money (f/ Thi’sl & Young Noah)
  6. Man
  7. Caught In The Lights (f/ V.Rose)
  8. He Did It Again (f/ AD3)
  9. Scripture Alone
  10. Running (f/ Steve T)
  11. Against The World (f/ V. Rose)
  12. Devil’s Bread Intro
  13. Devil’s Bread
  14. Christ Alone
  15. Let Go (f/ DecembeRadio)
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