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JJ Heller - 'Deeper'

'Deeper' Takes Listeners on a Journey Into Their Own Souls

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JJ Heller - Deeper

JJ Heller - Deeper

Stone Table Records
It's very rare to find an album that you can call flawless, but Deeper is one such album. Honest lyrics, soothing music and peaceful vocals combine here to create a project that will quietly wow fans of all ages, genders and states of mind.

They say that music soothes the savage beast and JJ Heller must have taken that phrase to heart because she has created a 35 minute oasis for the soul. The loud noises of stress, worry, bills, kids, etc., etc., don't stand a chance of being heard through the peace that her music brings.

'Deeper' Delivers Quiet Strength

  • Style: acoustic
  • 12 Songs
  • Release Date: October 11, 2011
  • Label: Stone Table Records

Some people feel the need to get loud in order to project a sense of strength. JJ Heller is not one of those people. Her quiet passion has an almost gossamer feel to it ... soft and delicate, yet strong as nails.

Her lyrics are the same way. JJ Heller doesn't give us earth-shattering new doctrine that turns our lives inside out. No, instead she takes the everyday life that we all lead and she tells us stories about it. Her stories aren't so different from our own and because of that, we can relate to them as easily as we breath. Listening to her is like sitting down in front of a cozy fire on a cool autumn evening with an old and dear friend who knows us inside-out and sharing life's ups and downs over a cup of coffee or a mug of steaming hot chocolate. We may not find all of the answers and solve all of life's problems, but we will feel like we're not in this alone. We'll remember that God put people our lives to share the journey with and the load won't seem quite as heavy as it did before ...

Each Song is Like a Precious Gem

The wisdom found in songs like "In The End," with its impressive back and forth vocals between JJ and her husband Dave and stunning harmonies, and "No Fight Left" is something we can all use in our daily lives. The love shared in "When I’m With You" (a song written for her daughter Lucy) and "Boat Song" (written for her husband Dave) is so pure and sweet that it gives more than a little hint about the love God meant for us to feel for each other. Intimate moments from songs like "Kingdom Come" are to be shared with those that we love over and over.

"The Very Thought of You," while not written by JJ herself, is so beautifully done that it blends into the story with ease. Ray Noble (the writer behind the 1934 hit tune) would be proud of her rendition as it easily is as good as his own, as Bing Crosby's, Vaughn Monroe's or Doris Day's.

The whole album is filled with gems; each song sparkling in its simplicity as it sneaks into your heart.

Bottom line - Deeper digs into the heart of the matter. It delves into your soul and deposits something there that will make you better - as a person, as a friend, as a spouse, as a parent and as a child of God.

Deeper Track Listing:

  1. I Get to Be the One
  2. The Very Thought of You
  3. When I’m With You
  4. In the End
  5. Control
  6. No Fight Left
  7. Someday
  8. In the End (Reprise)
  9. Red Against Your Black
  10. Sunshine
  11. Boat Song
  12. Kingdom Come
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