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'Unshakeable' - Laura Cooksey

From worship leader and background singer to solo artist

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Laura Cooksey - Unshakeable

Laura Cooksey - Unshakeable

Laura Cooksey
The name Laura Cooksey may not ring a bell with you, but give it time! After hearing her debut solo EP release, Unshakeable, which hit stores on January 31, 2012, this will be a name, a voice and a heart that will stick with you for a long time. Laura's music will be on your computer, your mp3 music player, in your car, and most importantly, lodged in your heart, spirit and soul.

Walking by faith

  • Style: Pop Worship
  • 6 Songs
  • Time: 25 minutes
  • Release Date: January 31, 2012
  • Label: Independent release

I'm gonna walk by faith, one step closer to you. I will live by faith, in the light of your truth. I'm gonna love by faith, because you first loved me. And fear will have no place. I will live by faith. The chorus to "By Faith" isn't just a catchy hook - it's how Laura Cooksey lives her life. The woman that best-selling author and speaker Angie Smith calls a "truly amazing worship leader" and Todd Smith of Selah calls one of his favorite singers has come a long way from the 5-year-old at a church Christmas musical audition who decided that she wanted to grow up and be a singer. Through the long years of studying vocal performance at Baylor University (and receiving a Bachelor’s of Music), singing with a college Christian vocal group, leading worship for E Women and Women of Faith on various tours, singing with artists like Mandisa, Natalie Grant, and Nicole C. Mullen and even recording a theme song for Disney's Cinderella’s Castle (Disney World) and the It’s a Small World pavilion (Disneyland), one thing has remained constant ... her faith. That faith led her to a solo release, even when what she calls "the voice of practicality and reason" was telling her to stay put right where she was because it was comfortable, helped pay the bills and didn't require any risk.

Impassioned worship with a pop delivery

That risk paid off, for us listeners, in a big way. From the slow tunes that draw you in and wrap you in God's warm embrace to the faster, more upbeat songs that make you smile despite how bleak your day may have started, Laura sings each and every one with a sense of passion that you can't help but feel. Her vocal delivery, which seems absolutely effortless, can go from hushed awe to powerful highs in a blink, putting her talent right up there with some of our greatest female vocalists. You can watch a preview video on YouTube and see first hand that she doesn't need any special effects added to her voice.

I could spend a lot of time ranting and raving over each individual song. I could tear up telling you about "The Love of Christ," with its important message that has vocal talent spilling out all over it. I could wear myself out sharing how "Rest" will hit you where you live, since we've all had times where we are so weary of the world around us that we're not sure how we can take another step. I could smile until my face breaks, while sharing how her cover of "Hosanna" sounds like an angel is singing it. Instead, I'll just tell you to listen for yourself while I hit play again.

Bottom Line - Christian music isn't just about talent. While all music strives to connect listeners to something, Christian music is the one genre of music that makes that connection between you and the throne. With Unshakeable, Laura Cooksey does a wonderful job of showing us how talented she is, but more importantly, she does a tremendous job of connecting us to our Lord and Savior.

Unshakeable Track Listing:

  1. By Faith
  2. Unshakeable
  3. Hosanna
  4. Rest
  5. The Love of Christ
  6. Here We Go
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