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Owl City - 'The Midsummer Station'

A Consummate Blend of Pop and Electronica

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Owl City - The Midsummer Station

Owl City - The Midsummer Station

Universal Music Group

Adam Young, aka Owl City, has long been known for his ability to blend pop with electronic elements and come out with songs that are fun and easy to listen to. His music brings summer days, convertibles with the tops down and young love to mind every time I hear him and when I'm in the mood to think a little deeper, I'm reminded that the ability to enjoy all of those things is a gift from God.

If you're looking for deep music with hidden meanings that will explain the universe, The Midsummer Station won't fit your particular bill. However, if you want to put some pep in your step and feel like a carefree youngster again, you may just find yourself enjoying this project immensely.

Adam Young Does Something Different

  • Style: Pop and electronica
  • 11 Songs
  • Time: 41 minutes
  • Release Date: August 21, 2012
  • Label: Universal Records

Adam Young decided to break from his mold for his third full-length album. Instead of going the solo, do it all yourself route, he co-wrote with others to help bring his ideas new directions. For a man who says that his relationship with God is what get him "out of bed in the morning," sharing something as important as creating music that reflected a life lived in the shadow of the cross made him anxious. However, he explained that "collaborating kills off a lot of ego and pride issues and that's a really healthy thing," so it all worked out for him and for us.

With friends Matt Thiessen from Relient K, Stargate (Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa), and the team of Josh Crosby, Nate Campany, and Emily Wright, 11 songs were written during several sessions in Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville.

The lead-off single, "Good Time," with Carly Rae Jepsen of "Call Me Maybe" fame, is about as deep as a puddle after a brief rain, but it is also charming, fun and about having a good time so to jump up and down about bubble gum lyrics would be pointless. After all, it delivers exactly what it advertises with the name, good times. We, as Christians, are allowed to have those so the complaints that I've heard seem petty at best.

You can say that none of the songs have enough meat hidden within the lyrics (like the Owl City that you're used to), but instead of looking at them with a critical eye, look at them with your heart rather than strictly reading them. Not sure what I mean? Try on "Speed of Love" for size. One track, one mind, one race to win / one start, one heart, one life to live. / oh oh oh like a streak of light / oh oh oh watch the world fly by / oh oh oh rev your engine up / everybody's racing at the speed of love. That's the nicest description of the human race I've heard in a while. In ourselves, we have one - one life and one chance to live it as we believe Jesus wants us to. We race toward a goal that we can't see, rarely acknowledging that the fact that we're even in the race is because Jesus loved us so much, he paid our entry fee. While I don't know if that was the intent of the writer when the words were penned, I do know that that is how I choose to interpret the song because that is where my heart is at.

The same thought process can be used for "Silhouette." I'm a silhouette asking every now and then / Is it over yet? / Will I ever love again? / I'm a silhouette chasing rainbows on my own. / But the more I try to move on the more I feel alone / So I watch the summer stars to lead me home. Think about it this way - without Jesus, we are just shadows of who we were created to be. When we chase what the world says we should want and/or have, we do so without giving any thought to God's divine plan. The grass never really is greener, so we get to a point where we just want the day, the year or the task to be over so we can move on to something that will make us love life again (instead of feeling like we're just "making the doughnuts"). The farther we stray, the more we feel like we're lost at sea but the minute we look toward Jesus (the summer stars), they will lead us home to where we're supposed to be.

So to those who say that the lyrics aren't quite good enough because they don't cause you to look for the hidden meanings within, I say that you should look with your heart and then the meanings won't be hidden at all.

The Midsummer Station Track Listing:

  1. Dreams And Disasters
  2. Shooting Star
  3. Gold
  4. Dementia
  5. I'm Coming After You
  6. Speed of Love
  7. Good Time
  8. Embers
  9. Silhouette
  10. Metropolis
  11. Take It All Away
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