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Plumb - 'Need You Now'

Lyrical and light

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Plumb - Need You Now

Plumb - Need You Now

Curb Records

When we last heard Tiffany Arbuckle Lee (Plumb), she was more rock/pop than pop/rock. The time spent away from the stage (being a wife and mom) mellowed her a bit, yes, but in a great way. Need You Now, her return, is light on the ears in many spots but the passion and lyrical magic she delivers makes the "something missing" more like "something more." This lady, this album = imaginative and cathartic.

Easy to listen to, easier to relate to

  • Style: Christian Pop/Rock
  • 13 Songs
  • Time: 51 minutes
  • Release Date: February 26, 2013
  • Label: Curb Records

From the tempestuous moments found in songs like opener "Invisible" to the easy acoustic ones found in tunes like "One Drop," Plumb nails each one with grace and a dignity that shows off her wisdom and growth. Not that she's ever been a "lightweight" where the lyrical meat is concerned, no, there's just more to her now - much more. Even the fun tunes, like "Chocolate & Ice Cream," have meaning if you pay attention. How many times have you heard someone describe their spouse as the one who "balances" or "completes" them? How much better is it to hear that two people are like chocolate and ice cream?

"Drifting," the first single we heard some back that features Jars of Clay's Dan Haseltine, is where Plumb pays homage to her rock roots. (Yes, they are still there - never fear!) Having felt like I was in that state of drifting a time or two, this was the first song that I really "clicked" with. The unforgettable "I Don't Deserve You" is another check and mate moment. The realization that nothing we can ever do will be enough to "deserve" an eternity with Jesus is a real eye-opener.

Bottom line: Fusing styles, sounds and sections of who she is is what Plumb does best in Need You Now. She is not a lady to be pigeonholed into one category of anything and this release shows you a more complete picture of the woman behind the music.

Need You Now Track List:

  1. Invisible
  2. Drifting (with Dan Haseltine)
  3. Beautiful
  4. One Drop
  5. I Want You Here
  6. Say My Name
  7. Unlovable
  8. Need You Now (How Many Times)
  9. Chocolate & Ice Cream
  10. I Don’t Deserve You
  11. Cage
  12. At Arm's Length
  13. I Don’t Deserve You (with Paul Van Dyk)
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