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The Almost - 'Fear Inside Our Bones'

The Third Full Length Album Delivers an Original New Sound

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


The Almost - Fear Inside Our Bones

The Almost - Fear Inside Our Bones

Tooth & Nail

If you're thinking that Fear Inside Our Bones is going to be Monster Monster Part II, think again. With each step, Aaron Gillespie and the rest of The Almost crew grow and change and we, the listeners, get to sit back and enjoy the ride without having to do the work. These guys are not "almost" there - they have arrived in grand fashion. Stepping outside of the box, Fear Inside Our Bones gives fans twists and turns that they will never expect from a rock album; the inclusion of the sitar being the biggest. Prepare to be caught up in the moment of each song.

  • Style: Christian Rock
  • 11 Songs
  • Time: 42 minutes
  • Release Date: June 11, 2013
  • Label: Tooth & Nail Records

If I had to sum up Fear Inside Our Bones in three words, those words would be satisfying, well-developed and natural. From start to finish, the project rings true and unprocessed while still having just the right blend of mixing magic to bring it all together. The Almost doesn't take you where you expect to go and being politically correct is obviously not in their vocabulary because every single song is right there, in your face, letting you know what they think and feel.

If I had to say there was any possible downside, it would be that fans of the more light rock sound may be upset by the might of this one. Those fans may feel there is a little too much edge. Those looking for the more punk/pop sound of yesteryear's The Almost will have to adjust too. The Almost of today is more classic rock. The guitars roar, the cymbals crash and the bass drives it all home.

Opener "Ghost" gives a great indication of what is coming, but it doesn't tell the whole musical story. Yes, it's an all-out rocker, but there is so much more to Fear Inside Our Bones, as the lighter fare of the title track shares in the opening notes. "I'm Down" (lead single) comes in next with a touch of southern rock that will do well at radio.

Bottom line: With each album that The Almost has released, I've become more of a fan. Fear Inside Our Bones has cemented my status. I love the wild ride the music takes me on and the hard hitting lyrics that tell a story of life resonate with me in a big way.

Fear Inside Our Bones Track List:

  1. Ghost
  2. Fear Inside Our Bones
  3. I'm Down
  4. Never Be Like You
  5. Come On
  6. The Florida Sun
  7. Fight Song
  8. I Won't Let Go
  9. So What
  10. Love Is Coming Down
  11. Lonely Boy
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