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Group 1 Crew


Group 1 Crew

Group 1 Crew


Group 1 Crew Formed:

Group 1 Crew started out as a trio in 2006 in Orlando, Florida.

Group 1 Crew Members:

  • Manwell Reyes - Vocals & Rap

Founding member Pablo Villatoro (vocals/rap) left the group in October of 2011 to focus on his family after getting married. Blanca Reyes Callahan announced that she was stepping down in November of 2013 to spend more time with her family and step into a new season as a solo artist.


Group 1 Crew Biography:

Manwell, Blanca and Pablo met long before becoming Group 1 Crew in a Bible study group. Their love of the Lord and their passion for music cemented the three as fast friends. It wasn't long before they were making music together for and about the Lord. Enter Jeff Adams, who became their manager and ultimately took them to the next level. Jeff saw their passion and potential and set up a showcase with label execs at Fervent Records. The Fervent team saw the same thing that Jeff did and they signed the trio. Their debut single, "Can't Go On" debuted on WOW Hits 2007 with an EP following a month later.

The mix of soaring vocals (courtesy of Blanca), perfectly delivered rap via Manwell and Pablo and intricate harmonies from all three members made the trio a hit with fans, radio and reviewers. All three of their full length studio releases have won Dove Awards, further cementing their position as hit makers.

Group 1 Crew Discography:

Group 1 Crew Starter Songs:

Group 1 Crew News & Notes:


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