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2012 Readers' Choice Awards Best Female Vocalist


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Audrey Assad
Audrey Assad

Audrey Assad

Sparrow Records

For Audrey Assad, the saying, "God created you to be an original, so don't die a copy" has always been much more than a catchy phrase that makes you think for a moment before continuing to follow the popular trend. Even in middle school, which she called "horrendous," Audrey wasn't afraid to stand out. She "loved to study, loved school and loved band" (playing the xylophone) and those traits did everything but blindly follow the pack.

Fast forward a few years and Audrey found herself leading worship in Florida, in the foyer of a church she didn't even attend at the time. Local shows and worship events came next, as did a four-song demo. A move to Nashville and a five-song EP later, and Audrey was signing her name to a contract with Sparrow Records.

Two full-length albums and two Dove Awards nominations later, this is a lady who is making a definite impact on fans.

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