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Best Christian / Gospel Artists & Bands - 2012 Readers' Choice Winners


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Best Christian Indie Solo Artist: Yancy


In the beginning, almost 150 male and female artists from all of the genres found within Christian music were nominated for the Best Christian Indie Solo Artist. Five ladies stood head and shoulders above the rest and they were named your finalists. Each brought big talent and even bigger hearts for ministry to the voting table. In the closest race in the Christian Music Awards, voting went down to the wire and the results were so close, it was impossible to predict a final winner. After all of the votes were audited to remove any "gaming" of the system, a winner arose.

All of the unsigned artists in the Best Christian Solo Artist category are your faces to watch for in 2012 and the face/voice that you voted as the Best was Yancy with 45% of the vote!

This talented young woman sings, having released a series of pop/rock projects, a Christmas collection and a project specifically for young children. She also writes songs for other artists and devotional books for worship leaders and musicians. In case that's not enough, she spent five years as a staff worship leader and she has toured with everyone from 4Him to Nichole Nordeman, Newsboys to Mute Math. Talented, committed and living a life completely dedicated to her ministry, Yancy is making a huge impact on every life she touches.

The Runners-Up:

(Note: Because poll results are rounded, the voting percentage may not total 100 percent.)

Yancy Concert Dates:

March 30 - Opelika, AL
April 7-8 - Murfreesboro, TN
April 14 - Dallas, TX
April 22 - Frisco, TX
April 25-27 - Duluth, GA
May 11 - Battle Creek, MI
June 4-8 - Omaha, NE
June 14 - Waco, TX
June 15 - Powder Springs, GA
June 18-22 - Cedar Hill, TX
June 23 - Lago Vista, TX
June 24 - Austin, TX
June 28 - Napa, CA
June 29 - Riverside, CA
July 12 - Oshawa, ON, Canada
July 20 - Newark, DE
July 22 - North Little Rock, AR
August 1 - Willmar, MN
August 11 - Palo Alto, CA
August 15 - Vincennes, IN
August 25 - San Antonio, TX
August 29 - Marion, IN
September 8-9 - Trophy Club, TX
October 31 - Edmond, OK

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