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The Letter Black


The Letter Black - promo 2011

The Letter Black - promo 2011

Tooth & Nail Records

Introducing The Letter Black:

For fans of female fronted Christian hard rock bands like Flyleaf, Fireflight and Icon For Hire, The Letter Black fits in perfectly with powerful vocals courtesy of Sarah Anthony.

The Letter Black Formed:

The Letter Black formed in 2006 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania as Breaking the Silence by Sarah and Mark as a worship band for their church. Once signed by Tooth & Nail Records, they changed their name so there would no confusion between them and the mainstream, secular band by the same name that had broken up in 2004 but still owned the rights to the name.

The Letter Black Members:

  • Sarah Anthony - Vocals
  • Mark Anthony - Vocals and Guitar
  • Matt Beal - Bass
  • Taylor Carroll - Drums

Sarah and Mark have been husband and wife since 2007. They met at church when he was 21 and she was 16 and started singing together and writing music for the worship team.

Former Members:

  • Adam DeFrank – drums
  • Mat Slagle – drums

The Letter Black - The Early Days:

As Breaking the Silence, the band went into the studio with producer Travis Wyrick (Disciple, Pillar, P.O.D.) as an indie group. They were performing about 150 shows a year when Tooth & Nail asked them to replace a band that had broken up on the "Five 4 Five Tour" with Dizmas and Children 18:3. With only two weeks notice, Breaking the Silence kicked it into high gear, impressing label execs and fans alike. Shortly thereafter, they were signed by Tooth & Nail and changed their name.

The Letter Black - The Debut:

The band's first major label release was the EP, Breaking the Silence. Lead singer, Sarah Anthony, said the title, "puts into words how a lot of people, including myself, feel sometimes."

The music was so good and so relatable that the band was invited to join Skillet, Hawk Nelson and Decyfer Down on the Awake and Alive Tour. Sarah promised fans that "the full-length will rock just as hard, if not harder, as the EP" and the band delivered on that promise both in concert as well as in the studio.

The Letter Black Discography:

  • Hanging on by a Thread Sessions, Volume 2 EP, 2011
  • Hanging on by a Thread Sessions, Volume 1 EP, 2011
  • Hanging On By A Thread, 2010
  • Breaking The Silence EP, 2009
  • Stand, 2007 - As Breaking the Silence

The Letter Black Starter Songs:

The Letter Black Videos:

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