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What is Adult Contemporary Christian Music?


Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith

Question: What is Adult Contemporary Christian Music?
Answer: Historically, Adult Contemporary Christian Music is what some would call "Easy Listening." AC is family friendly, but generally appeals more to adults, ages 35 - 50, because it doesn't include rock, rap, hip-hop or tween music. It's definitely got a pop-flair, but is delivered in a softer, lighter style. However, since the modern pop elements are still there, sometimes interspersed with folk sounds, which are back in favor with college-aged listeners, Adult Contemporary isn't restricted to just the older folks.

Many former Pop Contemporary artists are now considered Adult Contemporary simply because they've gotten older and their sound has changed to an easier style. (Think Amy Grant). In the early 1990's, Amy Grant's "Baby Baby" was a huge pop hit, but now that she is a bit older, she has been releasing more hymns and inspirational songs.

Some of the more popular Adult Contemporary artists of today are:

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