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Audio Adrenaline Albums


After 15-years of sold out concerts, three million albums sold, 18 No. 1 radio hits and several GRAMMY and Dove award nominations and wins, AudioA has called it quits in 2007 after one final release, aptly titled Adios.

Lead singer Mark Stuart faced problems with his voice and after consulting with doctors, it became clear that he wouldn't be able to continue performing.

"Fifteen years of rock 'n' roll takes a toll on the vocal chords, but I wouldn't trade a day of it for anything," Stuart said in a press release. "Touring and making records with Will, Ben and Tyler has truly been a gift from God, as well as worshiping night after night with the greatest fans on the planet."

In tribute to all that AudioA has done for Christian music, here are their releases.

Audio Adrenalin's Return

In 2013, AudioA came back with Kevin Max doing the lead vocalist duties and they released a project called Kings & Queens that fans and critics alike raved about!

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Audio Adrenaline - Live from Hawaii - The Farewell Concert Audio Adrenaline - Live from Hawaii - The Farewell Concert Audio Adrenaline - AdiosAdios: The Greatest HitsAudio Adrenaline - Until My Heart Caves InChristian Rock Band - Audio Adrenaline Discography Audio Adrenaline - WorldwideAudio Adrenaline - 'Worldwide'
Audio Adrenaline - LiftAudio Adrenaline - LiftAudio Adrenaline - Hit Parade: The Greatest HitsAudio Adrenaline - 'Hit Parade: The Greatest Hits'Audio Adrenaline - UnderdogAudio Adrenaline - UnderdogAudio Adrenaline - Some Kind of ZombieChristian Rock Band - Audio Adrenaline - Discography
Audio Adrenaline - BloomChristian Rock Band Discography - Audio Adrenaline - BloomAudio Adrenaline - Live BootlegAudio Adrenaline - Live BootlegAudio Adrenaline - Don't Censor MeAudio Adrenaline - 'Don't Censor Me'Audio Adrenaline - Audio AdrenalineAudio Adrenaline - 'Audio Adrenaline'
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