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Todd Agnew – Biography of Christian Contemporary Rock Artist Todd Agnew


Todd Agnew

Todd Agnew

Courtesy of Provident

Todd Agnew Born:

Todd Agnew Quote:

"A human encounter with holiness is devastating. It refuses to allow us to be impressed with the things of the world we’ve been chasing. It refuses to allow us to remain comfortable in our sin. It refuses to allow us to remain on the throne of our lives. And it leads us to a relationship with the only One who can perfectly love us, who can forgive all our sins, and who can make us into His likeness. Our encounter with His holiness is our devastation. And our devastation is our salvation."

From Thought Quotient

Todd Agnew Bio:

From the first time you meet Todd Agnew, you'll realize that he's a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy - no bells, no whistles, no trying to be something that he's not. He's humble and he doesn't make any bones about why he sings and writes music ... for Jesus.

Todd's adoption, as well as his obvious American Indian heritage, has been well documented. He grew up in a Christian home with parents who supported his desire to share God through music.

Todd didn't set out to be a "star." In fact, his signing with Ardent didn't come the "normal" way. He just wanted to use their studio but Dana Key had other plans after hearing Todd's voice. "Walking by where Todd was recording, I found myself stopping and listening to his music," said Dana in Todd's official bio. "It wasn't long before I wanted to get involved. Similarly, whenever I play some of Todd's music for people, it has the same effect of stopping them in their tracks. His music is definitely not background material-it's music that demands attention."
Four albums later, Todd hasn't changed. He's still wearing t-shirts and jeans while avoiding shoes whenever possible and he's still in it for one reason ... Jesus.

Todd Agnew News & Notes:

Todd Agnew Quick Facts:

  • With a Native American background, Todd was adopted by Texas parents.
  • He was a worship leader at his church prior to being signed by Ardent.
  • Todd's venture with Ardent didn't come the usual way. His interest wasn't in becoming an Ardent artist at all. He simply wanted to use their studio to record.
  • Todd's favorite food on the road is Triscuits and Dasani.
  • Todd plays a Taylor Custom Walnut and a Takamine 96 ltd. Ed. acoustic guitar and a '74 Tele Custom and a PRS custom 22 electric.

Todd Agnew Discography:

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