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Kids In The Way – Biography of Christian Punk Band Kids In The Way


Kids In The Way

Kids In The Way

Courtesy of: Jeff Roberts

Kids In The Way Biography:

Kids in the Way represents a new generation of artists whose desire is to re-establish the integrity of rock. Initially formed by vocalist David Pelsue, guitarist Nathan Ehman and drummer Eric Carter in '97, the band had a different name and focus. With the addition of Austin Cobb and bassist Nathan Hughes, who has left the group, Kids in the Way was born. During the early days, they released a successful EP that helped get them management, bigger shows and eventually a deal with Flicker.

The Disappearing Act:

Shortly before the release of A Love Hate Masquerade, Kids In The Way very quietly broke up and disappeared from the music scene. For two years, they were simply gone - no news, no press releases, no music. Then, just as quietly, in late 2009, they reunited, performing their first show in Manheim, Pennsylvania in January of 2010.

Kids In The Way Discography:

Kids In The Way News & Notes:

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