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Sanctus Real Biography


Sanctus Real 2010

Sanctus Real 2010

Sparrow Records

Sanctus Real Formed:

Matt Hammitt and Chris Rohman formed Sanctus Real in 1996 while 10th-graders at Toledo Christian School to provide music for their youth worship services.

Sanctus Real Members:

  • Chris Rohman
  • Dan Gartley
  • Mark Graalman
  • Matt Hammitt
  • Pete Prevost

Former Members:

  • Matt Kollar
  • Steve Goodrum

Sanctus Real - The Early Years:

After Matt and Chris started playing together and writing songs together, they realized that they had something special that could really change lives. Mark Graalman on drums and Steve Goodrum on bass added to their sound and the band really gelled.

In 2000, with two indie releases under their belts, they entered that Best Band contest sponsored by a local classic rock station and walked away winners. The road beckoned, so they took their winning sound "out there" and started gaining fans from all over the country.

Sanctus Real - The Major Label Deal:

The next stop for Matt and Chris was Nashville, so the two founding members took backpacks of their third indie CD to GMA Week and passed their music out to everyone they saw. The two were only home for a week before their phones were ringing and it wasn't long before A&R Reps from Sparrow Records were heading to Toledo to hear the band live. As their 2002 national debut, Say It Loud, which saw the highest first-week record sales in Sparrow's history, proves, they nailed the live show!

Sanctus Real Discography:

Sanctus Real Starter Songs:

Sanctus Real News & Notes:

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