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Day of Fire


Day of Fire

Day of Fire


Day of Fire Formed:

Essential Records debut came out in 2004

Day of Fire Lineup:

  • Josh Brown (Vocals)
  • Zach Simms (Drums)
  • Joe Pangallo (Guitar)
  • Chris Pangallo (Bass)

Day of Fire Biography - The Early Days:

As the front man for Full Devil Jacket, Josh Brown seemed to have it all ... money, fame, girls, and tour dates with some of the biggest names in music. But he also had a drug addiction and a heroin overdose in 2000 almost cost him his life. Rehab cleaned up his body, but his soul still felt empty so Brown walked away from it all and found that Christ filled him more than any amount of screaming fans could.

Day of Fire - The Debut:

Josh Brown stopped writing songs of darkness and despair and instead found himself writing songs of freedom with fellow believer/songwriter Gregg Hionis. Essential Records was so impressed with the songs and Josh's story that they signed him. Simms and the Pangallo brothers were recruited and Day of Fire was born. Day of Fire released in late 2004.

Day of Fire Discography:

Day of Fire Douses the Flames:

Six months after the release of Losing All, Day of Fire announced that they were going to take an "indefinite hiatus." Within the month, Josh played a reunion show with Full Devil Jacket and the band announced that they were getting back together. Four months later (in October 2010), Josh formed a new band, A New Rebel, with all of the same musicians from FDJ except lead guitarist, Michael Reaves. Jason Null from Saving Abel plays lead guitar in A New Rebel.

Day of Fire Fun:

Day of Fire News:

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