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Latin Worship Band Salvador





Salvador Formed:

Brothers Art, Nic, and Josh Gonzales formed Salvador in 1999.

Salvador Biography:

It all started with brothers Art, Nic, and Josh Gonzales performing with the worship band in their home church (King of Glory church) in Austin, Texas. As their popularity grew in Austin, they played more and more local venues. While playing at a gospel music festival in Lukenbach, TX, manager Michael Smith of Nashville heard them. Smith was so impressed that he offered the guys a management contract on the spot and the whirlwind really kicked off. In less than a month Salvador had also signed agreements with Myrrh Records, Word Publishing, and the Jeff Roberts booking agency.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Salvador Band Members:

Salvador is made up of:

Nic Gonzales - vocals, guitar
Joshua Gonzales - bass, vocals
Chris Bevins - keyboard, vocals
Herman Jimenez - trombone, saxophone
Eliot Torres - percussion
Leif Shires - trumpet
Ben Cordonero - drums

Salvador Notes & News:

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