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Top Songs by Caedmon's Call


Since 1993, Caedmon's Call has blended traditional folk with world music and alternative rock. They have releases nine full-length albums and four EPs, garnering 14 top five radio hits (seven of which went all the way to #1), and selling more than 1 million albums.

"There Is A Reason"

Caedmon's Call - Overdressed
INO Records
This beautiful story of faith truly highlights Cliff Young's vocals.

"All My Life"

Caedmon's Call - Chronicles
One of the two new songs on Chronicles 1992-2004, "All My Life" showed fans that Caedmon's Call was still on track and sounding as amazing as ever.

"Only Hope"

Caedmon's Call - Thankful, The Best of Caedmon's Call
Essential Records
From Thankful, The Best of Caedmon's Call, "Only Hope" can also be found on Chronicles 1992-2004 and Back Home.

"Who You Are"

"Who You Are" reminds us to worship God because he is God, the Great I Am and the Son of Man.

"Always Been There"

Caedmon's Call - Overdressed
INO Records
As the song points out, no matter what our burdens, secrets or shames are, God is there and has always been there.
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