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Fifth Annual American Christian Music Awards Winners


Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant

Courtesy of The Breen Agency
Updated July 23, 2012
The 5th Annual American Christian Music Awards were held on Saturday, October 15, 2005 at the Union-Endicott Performing Arts Theatre in Greater Binghamton, New York. They were going be televised but circumstances out of their control kept the broadcast from happening, so the winners were just announced on the radio.

Pop or Rock

Country or Southern Gospel


Gospel or R & B

Inspirational or Praise & Worship


  • Favorite Male Artist - Brandon Reid Allen
  • Favorite Female Artist - Sonya Vannest
  • Favorite Band/Duo/Group - RainSong (Compare prices on Rising Son)

Alternative & Latin

  • Favorite Alternative Artist - 12 Stones
  • Favorite Latin Artist - Malin
  • Favorite Band/Duo/Group - Switchfoot

Radio Show

  • Favorite Syndicated Commercial Radio Show - We Worship
  • Favorite Syndicated Non-Commercial Radio Show - MAD Christian Radio Show
  • Favorite Countdown Radio Show - PowerSource Countdown

Outstanding Compact Disc / Project

Outstanding Track / Single

  • Adult Contemporary - “Here With Me”
  • Contemporary Hits - “Gone”

  • Southern Gospel - “It Looks Like Love To Me”

  • Inspirational - “Who Am I?”

  • Country Gospel - “Never Walk Alone”

  • Praise & Worship - “Here With Me”

  • Rock - “Gone”

  • Altenrative - “Bring Me Down”

  • Loud - “A Shadow On Me”

  • Urban / R & B - “Why Don’t We Pray”

  • Gospel - “You Don’t Know”

  • Dance / Hip-Hop - “You Don’t Know”

  • Latin - “A la manera de Cristo”

Outstanding Radio Station

  • Eastern Division Station - WORD/Puttsburgh, PA

  • South-Eastern Division Station - WMKL/Miami-Ft Lauderdale, FL

  • Mid-Western Division Station - WYSZ/Toledo, OH

  • South-Western Division Station - KHVN/Dallas-Ft Worth, TX

  • Western Division Station - KLFF/San Luid Obispo, CA

  • Internet Radio Station - FaithRock.org

  • Internet Radio Network - ChristianRock.net

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