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The Canadian Vibe Awards Gets a New Name

Starting in 2005, They Will Be Known as the SHAI's


Updated January 17, 2005
After a great deal of consideration, The Vibe Awards has changed its name to The SHAI Awards. The name SHAI (pronounced SHAY) was chosen because it represents a symbol of what VGM believes and embraces the heart of their undertaking. SHAI translates into the Hebrew word meaning "gift" - and that's what VGM President Dionne Smith hopes will be taken from this new name. He wants the SHAI's to impact nations (especially Canada), to do miracles and to serve the poor and powerful. "We want each artist to understand, we are affirming their calling as (worshippers), to go forward and impact nations with their music, allowing miracles to be released, by being integral at all times", commented Smith.

He adds, "Because in God's economy there is always a due season for change, the new name comes at the right time. As VGM begins to grow and expands its influence in different areas of the industry throughout Canada, we knew it was time to change the name of the awards to reflect (its) direction and meaning. However, there were also some mitigating factors and the name change was necessary in order to protect the integrity of the awards. The Vibe Awards was constantly mistaken for being associated with VIBE Magazine based in the U.S.". Smith says Canada's nationally televised Christian awards needs an identity that stands solo to no other. "We don't want there to be any reasons for us to feel the need to defend our name nor do we want our Christian artists and community to do the same".

The SHAI Awards take place May 15, 2005 and though it may take time to get used to the new name, Smith says, change is good. "Change can sometimes be difficult but we are making all attempts through our supporters in radio, bookstores and newspapers to make this as smooth a transition as possible for everyone. Given the descriptive of the meaning of the name I believe the change will be welcomed and embraced quickly".

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