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2012 SESAC Christian Music Awards


On March 5, 2013, SESAC honored the writers and publishers of the previous year's most-performed songs on Christian radio at their annual awards ceremony in Nashville.

Jason Ingram was named the Christian Songwriter of the Year and Sony/ATV Timber Publishing was named the Christian Publishers of the Year.

"All For You"

Mikeschair - A Beautiful Life
Curb Records

Performed by Mikeschair on A Beautiful Life

Written by Michael Grayson, Jason Ingram, Sam Tinnesz
Published by Curb Congregation Songs, Sony/ATV Timber Publishing, Strength To Shout Music, Wave And Romi Publishing, West Main Music, Windsor Hill Music

"All Things Possible"

Mark Schultz - All Things Possible
Fair Trade Services/Columbia

Performed by Mark Schultz on All Things Possible

Written by Seth Mosley
Published by 2 Hour Songs, CentricSongs

"Anthem Of The Lonely"

Nine Lashes - World We View
Tooth & Nail Records

Performed by Nine Lashes on World We View

Written by Jeremy Dunn, Jerry Jefferson, Jonathan Jefferson, Jared Lankford, Thomas Terrell
Published by We Own Your Songs Publishing

"Can't Get Over You"

Anthem Lights - Anthem Lights
Reunion Records

Performed by Anthem Lights on Anthem Lights

Written by Seth Mosley, Juan Otero
Published by 2 Hour Songs, CentricSongs, My Friend Cabo Music, Plight Publishing

"Draw The Line"

Disciple - O God Save Us All
Fair Trade Services

Performed by Disciple on O God Save Us All

Written by Seth Mosley, Kevin Young
Published by 2 Hour Songs, CentricSongs, Fairtrade Tunes, Things Left Unsaid Publishing

"Everything Good"

Ashes Remain - What I've Become
Fair Trade Services

Performed by Ashes Remain on What I've Become

Written by Paul Alan
Published by Wordspring Music


Ilia - We Were Shipwrecks

Performed by Ilia on We Were Shipwrecks

Written by Jessica Frizzell, Allison Knott, Brittney Mosher, Melissa Newman
Published by Ilia LLC

"Fall, Goliath, Fall"

Project 86 - Wait for the Siren
Team Black Recordings

Performed by Project 86 on Wait for the Siren

Written by Andrew Schwab
Published by Blood Moon Music


Manafest - Fighter
BEC Recordings

Performed by Manafest on Fighter

Written by Seth Mosley
Published by 2 Hour Songs, CentricSongs

"Forever Reign"

One Sonic Society - Forever Reign
Essential Worship

Performed by One Sonic Society on Forever Reign

Written by Jason Ingram
Published by Sony/ATV Timber Publishing, West Main Music, Windsor Hill Music

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