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BarlowGirl - 'How Can We Be Silent'

BarlowGirl - 'How Can We Be Silent' - The Basics

About.com Rating 5 Star Rating


BarlowGirl - How Can We Be Silent

BarlowGirl - How Can We Be Silent

Fervent Records
  • Style: Pop/Rock

  • 10 songs

  • Released: July 2007


- The sisters mix pop and rock with their usual style and flair.
- The beautiful blend of their voices is perfect, as we've come to expect.
- Even though this is the BarlowGirl's third release, they have not toned down their message in order to gain more "mainstream" popularity. They are still loud and proud about their faith.


- My bosses tell me that most every album has a downside, but I simply couldn't find a single con on How Can We Be Silent

BarlowGirl - 'How Can We Be Silent' - The Review

It has been two years since we've had a new release from BarlowGirl and let me tell you ... it was definitely worth the wait. How Can We Be Silent takes the listener on a musical journey with a consistent theme of faith. Each song reminds you that your beliefs and your Savior are worth standing up for and even fighting for. (Yes Virginia, being the person that God intends you to be is a battle - against self as well as against the world at-large.)

Much like the Barlow sister's second release, Another Journal Entry, How Can We Be Silent shows definite growth in a musical sense. In a surprisingly light and playful move, track seven (one of my personal favorites), "One More Round" introduces us to a jazzy 20's sound. "The Guy Song," a hard rocker, shows the world that BarlowGirl isn't just for females by challenging guys to stand firm in their faith when the world offers plenty of bad stuff to dabble in. My other favorite rocker, "Million Voices" is an anthem for a generation. The closing ballad, "I Don't Regret," ranks up there with "Never Alone" and will likely be a fan favorite for years to come.

Bottom line here is that BarlowGirl has put out another 5-star winner with How Can We Be Silent. The sisters continue to amaze with their talent and their commitment to making a difference through their ministry.

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