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What is Christian Bluegrass?


Easter & Lewis Families - 2008

Easter & Lewis Families - 2008

Daywind Records
Question: What is Christian Bluegrass?
Answer: Traditional Christian Bluegrass, like traditional secular bluegrass, features a lot of harmonies and few electric instruments. Acoustic guitars, banjos, dobros, fiddles, mandolins and acoustic, upright basses are the mainstays in instruments with the occasional piano or harmonica thrown in. The music is intricate and technically difficult, belying the stereotype of "mountain music" as being slow and simple. Some of the best pickers I've ever heard were bluegrass musicians.

Religious or spiritual themes aren't strictly found in "Christian" bluegrass, as those topics have been in the genre' itself since the beginning. Many "secular" bluegrass artists get airplay on Christian Bluegrass radio stations due to their themes and lyrics.

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