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Anita Renfroe - 'the purse-driven life - It really is all about me'

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Anita Renfroe - the purse-driven life

Anita Renfroe - the purse-driven life

The Bottom Line

Anita Renfroe is a purse full of wit, charm and fun. Her book, the purse-driven life - It really is all about me is an easy read that will have you in stitches from cover to cover.
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  • This book is non-stop fun from cover to cover
  • God is discussed in a humerous, yet serious way
  • It's all about real life


  • Not a one


  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Chapters: 16
  • Published: March 4, 2005

Guide Review - Anita Renfroe - 'the purse-driven life - It really is all about me'

the purse-driven life - It really is all about me practically drips with both sage advice and humor from start to finish. From her introduction, where she classifies the different types of readers, through chapters like "Bible Babes" and "Hook a Sistah Up!", Anita Renfroe shares life as a Christian woman ... a real Christian woman, not a carbon-copy, cookie-cutter image of a Barbie doll in church. She touches on topics like parenting, getting older and accepting it and the need for real friends who know your "faults, weaknesses, issues, stubbornness and weirdness" and love you anyway. Her descriptions of "Beach Therapy" weekends are enough to make you long for sand and the surf. Imagine a yearly "girls only" event with "No bras, no limit on chocolate or inane chatter, no subject off limits, no laundry, no responsibility. In short, no guys." Sounds like a little slice of Heaven on earth doesn't it?

Anita doesn't try to answer all of the world's questions in her book, but she shares what she has learned in life with no fear. My only advice, other than read this book, is that you never ask Anita to pack a suitcase for you ... unless you have a large matched set of luggage and a team to transport them all for you! Chapter 11, titled "Excess Baggage," explains her packing mantras ...

  • Less is frightening
  • Travel right (not light)
  • When in doubt, take one in every color

Real life, presented by a real woman with plenty of laughs. A perfect combination!

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