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Bebo Norman - 'Lights of Distant Cities'

A Lighthouse for Those Lost at Sea

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Bebo Norman - Lights of Distant Cities

Bebo Norman - Lights of Distant Cities

bec Recordings

Satisfying songwriting meets memorable music and the end result is 11 songs that offer light and hope to a world in desperate need of both. As Christianity becomes less "popular" and some churches are more involved in preaching a gospel centered around God wanting you to have every little thing your heart desires rather than the devastating effects of sin, the darkness that surrounds us gets closer and closer each day. We need to remember that spark of light now more than ever.

Music With Meaning

  • Style: Contemporary Christian
  • 11 Songs
  • Time: 41 minutes
  • Release Date: October 23, 2012
  • Label: bec Recordings

Bebo Norman has long been known for his meaningful lyrics and Lights of Distant Cities shows that as he ages, he just gets better with his writing. Centered around the theme of finding light in the darkness and being that light in a world of darkness, he also delves into the effects that we all feel from the darkness that comes from sin. In a world of me, Me, ME, it's a timely reminder that life is about something much greater than what we want to get out of it.

With standout tracks like "Daylight Breaking," an acoustic masterpiece, "Just a Glimpse," a plea to Jesus to take us back to when our faith was fresh and overpowered everything else, and "Sing of Your Glory," which could become the modern hymn of 2012 without any problem, Lights of Distant Cities could easily be called Bebo's best project yet -- no small feat after the eight powerhouse albums he has recorded since 1996 (and that's not even counting his wonderful Christmas project from 2007).

Bottom line: Norman delivers a project that we can not just enjoy, but listen to and grow with. He brings light to the day that lasts long after the sun has gone down.

Lights of Distant Cities Track Listing:

  1. Lights of Distant Cities
  2. The Broken
  3. At the End of Me
  4. Daylight Breaking
  5. World Gone Dark
  6. Sing of Your Glory
  7. Collide
  8. Wine from Water
  9. Outside Her Window Was the World
  10. Just a Glimpse
  11. Go With You
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