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Building 429 – 'We Won't Be Shaken'

Mighty From Start to Finish

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Building 429 - We Won't Be Shaken

Building 429 - We Won't Be Shaken


After seeing "Where I Belong" from 2011's Listen To The Sound win the Billboard Music Award for Top Christian Song in 2013, Building 429 had a high bar to live up to with their next release. We Won't Be Shaken did it and then some. Starting strong and finishing the same way, this is 41 minutes of musical might!

  • Style: Christian Rock
  • 11 Songs
  • Time: 41 minutes
  • Release Date: June 4, 2013
  • Label: Provident / Essential Records

When you find an album that you really enjoy from start to finish, it's hard to just pick one or two songs that you can call "the best." That's my dilemma with We Won't Be Shaken - I have listened to it from start to finish four times now and each time, I find a different "favorite" song each time I listen (as has my son and daughter who are both sitting in my office listening with me). So, rather than naming my choices for "best songs" (since they don't stay the same), I'll just share some of my favorite tunes.

The first one of those favorites is the album opener, "Get Up." This catchy, rock based call to action could well be the anthem for all of us because it's so easy to get comfortable in our faith which leads to stagnation.

Next up is "Bonfire." The song (the second track), is a compelling rocker that you can't sit still through as it lights a bonfire in your spirit. Speaking of fires, "Set a Fire," is another spark-thrower. The ballad is beautiful as it begs God to Set a fire in me / Bring me to my knees / Like a rushing wind / Consume this heart again / Set a fire.

Track #7, "All I'm Holding" shares a level of gratefulness for Jesus that should be seen much more than it is.

"Blameless" has to be mentioned here because it reminds us all of what we are since we are children of God ... blameless in His sight due to the sacrifice at the cross.

The live version of "Where I Belong" closes out the album and if you close your eyes while listening, you can practically see the streets of Heaven glittering as the crowd adds their voices to Jason's (and then go it alone), sending their love to the throne and making all of Heaven smile and shine.

Bottom line: This reflective album will shake you if you're breathing because it will cause you to really look at yourself, your walk and your real level of faith. But being shaken up is a good thing sometimes because it makes us move and grow. Jason, Jesse, Michael and Aaron help you to push yourself into being a stronger Christian and a better person.

We Won't Be Shaken Track List:

  1. Get Up
  2. Bonfire
  3. Wrecking Ball (Press On) - with Blanca Callahan from Group 1 Crew
  4. We Won't Be Shaken
  5. Set A Fire
  6. Revolution
  7. All I'm Holding
  8. Best and Worst
  9. Blameless
  10. All The Glory
  11. Where I Belong (Live)
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