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Dominic Balli - 'American Dream'

Take a Trip to the Islands With Dominic Balli

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Dominic Balli - American Dream

Dominic Balli - American Dream

Red Song Music / Lion of Zion Ent.
Dominic Balli hands us ordinary and everyday messages that we all need to hear, wrapped up in extraordinary music that relaxes you with its island feel while showering you with smiles. (OK - maybe that is a little on the cheesy side of introductions, but I dare you to even try to sit through even one song without smiling and feeling better about your day!)

'American Dream' - A Dream We Can All Relate To

  • Style: reggae with touches of rock, pop and hip hop
  • 12 Songs
  • Release Date: July 26, 2011
  • Label: Red Song Music / Lion of Zion Ent.

Dominic Balli calls his style of music "CaliRockReggae." I totally get that ... it's laid back and fun (like every Visit California commercial I've ever seen) and it makes me think of relaxing beaches, lots of sunshine and tall, fruity punch type drinks with cute little umbrellas. But then you listen to him some more, letting the lyrics really wash over you, and you find that there is much more to him than just fun and sun.

This may not be the pop, rock or R&B sound that you're used to, but if you open your mind and try on something new for size, you'll be pleased that you did. Balli has a firm grasp on his faith and he doesn't mind sharing it at all. He deals out songs of hope and a message of love like a card shark!

Songs like "Refuge" draw you in with stories you can "click" with. Two tales of fiction (a spouse that leaves and a sibling that takes his own life) that are sadly, very real for many, combine with the true story of his great-grandmother's final days to remind us that life will have bumps that feel like mountains - yet God is always their as our refuge. "You Are There," written with his best friend and former band-mate shares that no matter how uncertain things may be and no matter how high the bills pile up, Jesus is right there with us, keeping us grounded and safe. My favorite, "See What We Become," was inspired by the history of Israel. God called Israel the apple of His eye and despite all that has come against it, the nation and the people have come through.

Bottom line - Dominic Balli gives us something different with American Dream and one full listen was enough to make me a fan. Four listens later, I'm still smiling and the sun looks like it's shining a little brighter.

American Dream Track Listing:

  1. American Dream (feat. Sonny Sandoval Of P.O.D.)
  2. We Won't Stop
  3. Louder (The story behind the song)
  4. Take My Love
  5. See What We Become
  6. Again and Again
  7. Favela (feat. Nengo Vieira)
  8. All We Need Is Love
  9. Refuge
  10. You Are There (feat. Jenkins)
  11. Daisy's Song
  12. Again and Again (Remix) (Bonus Track)
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