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Hawk Nelson - 'Crazy Love'

Hawk Nelson's 'Crazy Love' is Music for the Masses

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Hawk Nelson - Crazy Love

Hawk Nelson - Crazy Love

BEC Recordings
Christian pop/punk fans will love Crazy Love because it's Hawk Nelson and mainstream pop/punk fans will adore it because it's crazy good! Old-school punk meats pop fun and delivers 13 songs that you can easily sing along with and take something away from that will make your day better.

'Crazy Love' Music Review

  • Style: Pop/Punk
  • 13 songs
  • Release Date: February 8, 2011
  • Label: BEC Recordings

Lyrically, Hawk Nelson walks a fine line. They write from a place of faith that lives in their hearts making the messages jump out at people who have accepted Christ. Since they don't prescribe to the theory that in order for a song to be classified as "Christian," it must have at least 4 mentions of Jesus along with 3 hallelujahs, the music is also accessible to non-Christian fans because they don't feel beaten over the head with a Bible, yet the seeds are getting planted. Yes, it's a fine line and it's one that Hawk Nelson walks quite well.

The band's 5th studio release shows that they've taken everything they've learned up to this point, honed it, and delivered a fun album that gets you on your feet. It's not all about being "up" though, because Jason Dunn's vocals bring just as much to the table when the band slows it down for more ballad-type songs.

My favorite song, the title track, was inspired by the book with the same name by Francis Chan. The lyrics tell the story of how the love of God changes us. Yes, a love strong enough to die for seems crazy, (easy to say I love you so much I would die for you, hard to actually do it), but that's how strong His love for us is.

Another strong contender for fave is "One Shot." The upbeat song serves as a reminder that we all have one life so we better make the best of it before it's over. "Skeleton" serves up the same type of real-life message. We're all just flesh and bones without God. We've all got secrets and we've all got sins and the only way to survive them is through Christ.

The only track on the release that I'm not quite sure of is the opener, "Tally-Ho." Maybe it's my age showing, but I just didn't "get it." Not that it's a bad tune ... it's short and fun, but lyrics are my thing and I just didn't make any connection with those.

The bottom line with Crazy Love is this ... there is nothing crazy about good music and there is nothing crazy about music with a message that is delivered with a sense of fun. Hawk Nelson is one of those bands that is as good in the studio as they are live - crazy good - and they just keep getting better.

'Crazy Love' Track Listing

  1. Tally-Ho
  2. Your Love Is A Mystery
  3. Crazy Love
  4. My Next Breath
  5. We're Alright
  6. Skeleton
  7. We Can Change The World
  8. One Shot
  9. Fraud
  10. Joanna
  11. LAX
  12. Done Holding On
  13. Thanks For The Beautiful Memories
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