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Steven Curtis Chapman - 're:creation'

Chapman Travels Back in Time to Recreate Magic

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Steven Curtis Chapman - re:creation

Steven Curtis Chapman - re:creation

Sparrow Records
Seven classic Steven Curtis Chapman hits (given new life), a hymn and six beautiful new tunes come together to show us where, in the journey of life, Steven is after the poignant Beauty Will Rise with re:creation.

Being such a beloved force in the Christian music world, we all shared in his family's grief after the tragic accident that look his daughter Maria home to Heaven long before they were ready. We watched as they grieved and then as they healed - praying for them each step of the journey. With re:creation, we get to share again. We get to witness the rebirth of the man and the musician.

're:creation' - A Fresh Feel With an Acoustic Backbone

  • Style: acoustic pop
  • 14 Songs
  • Release Date: August 9, 2011
  • Label: Sparrow Records

Faith as small as a mustard seed can do mighty things and in the case of Steven Curtis Chapman, holding on to that faith carried him and his family through one of the most horrible tragedies a family can face - the loss of a child. The darkness that rushed in from all sides in their private night that never seemed to end has given way to a sunrise of glorious proportions. re:creation is filled with the rays of hope, faith, love and joy and it shows us all that while the night may be dark, that one twinkling star of faith will guide us through to morning.

The radio single, "Do Everything" opens up the album with pure, upbeat joy and while it has the serious message that everything we do should bring a smile to God's face, it is delivered in such a way that it brings one to ours as well.

Though the new "All That's Left" is the fifth song on the album, it is my favorite and for me, it really is the starting point for a transition from dark to light. When we think that we're strong and have it all together, a storm hits and everything we are sure we know goes out the window. The foundation of our faith is all we have left. That all that's left is to love. That's all that we have. That's all that we ever really had.

The recreated version of "Heaven In the Real World" comes next in both his line-up and mine. There is hope found in the promise and there is peace in the storm. Hope comes through just as strong in the recreated version of "More To This Life." The "more" of twenty-plus years ago is very different from the realization of today's "more" and as a mother and grandmother, that understanding hits the bullseye of my heart.

Bottom line - Steven Curtis Chapman has presented us with an album that is compelling, personal, and touching. Both the old songs and the new ones inspire and encourage. But then again, we are talking about Steven Curtis Chapman and he hasn't taken home 53 Dove Awards and 5 Grammy Awards for being bad! The man makes incredible music and his 17th release is right on track with the first 16. This is an album that is destined to be ministering to generations long after ours is gone.

re:creation Track Listing:

  1. Do Everything
  2. Long Way Home
  3. The Great Adventure (re:created)
  4. Dive (Deeper)
  5. All That’s Left
  6. Heaven In the Real World (re:created)
  7. Speechless (re:created)
  8. Live Out Loud (re:created)
  9. For the Sake of the Call (re:created)
  10. Magnificent Obsession (re:created)
  11. Meant to Be
  12. More to This Life (re:created)
  13. Morning Has Broken (featuring Caleb Chapman)
  14. Sing Hallelujah
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