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Avalon - 'Faith: A Hymn Collection'

'Faith: A Hymn Collection' - The Basics

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Avalon - Faith (A Hymn Collection)

Avalon - Faith (A Hymn Collection)

Courtesy of: EMI
  • Style: Modernized hymns

  • 13 songs

  • Release Date: October 17, 2006

'Faith: A Hymn Collection' - The Review

Faith: A Hymn Collection originated from the members of Avalon's longtime love of church worship standards. Greg and Janna Long as well as Jody McBrayer, grew up in the ministry, making this a project that was almost like coming home.

If you're thinking something along the lines of tired and over-done, think again! These are not your grandma's hymns, dusted off but not quite ready for prime-time. 21st century musical components and the ever-present perfect harmony that Avalon is known for don't just bring these standards back around ... they give them new life that will stand toe-to-toe with any modern worship tune.

Don't look for the standard pop sound that Avalon has brought to the table in the past. "Amazing Grace," with a touch of blues, shows a side of the group that you may not have seen before.

My second favorite track, "In Christ Alone," is one of the best version of the song that I've heard. Quiet, yet powerful vocals slide in right on top of an easy acoustic guitar sound, building and growing, much like faith does. My husband's favorite, "It Is Well" has an almost anthem like sound to it, but the faith and joy shine through without question.

The final track, "For Freedom," is a tribute to our men and women in uniform. It's my absolute favorite on this stellar release. Maybe it's because I am the proud mother of a U.S. Navy man. Maybe it's because it is a really well done song that speaks to the heart of anyone and everyone who has ever loved someone in uniform. Either way, this song brought tears to my eyes and was a perfect way to end a phenominal album.

Avalon has always had great talent, so good music coming from their camp isn't at all unexpected. This new glimpse of Avalon takes the cake, however, and stands above their previous award-winning releases.

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