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Dyscyple - 'No Weapon'

Dyscyple - 'No Weapon' - The Basics

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Dyscyple - No Weapon

Dyscyple - No Weapon

Courtesy of: Dyscyple
  • Label: Divine Flava Records

  • Style: Gospel Hip Hop

  • Release Date: December 6, 2005

  • Tracks: 13 plus intro, interlude, and poem

  • Featured Artists: MVP, Spanish Kid, Rollah, Unf8abo, Apostle I.P., and Damingus

Dyscyple - 'No Weapon' - The Review

Bold statements abound in this release. Edwin 'Dyscyple' Reynolds tells it like it is and he pulls no punches. Dyscyple isn't afraid to admit his own flaws ("Bit of Testimony") anymore than he holds back when describing why he does what he does ("All Eyes on Jesus"). Granted, he's not the first to discuss these topics, but he does it so smoothly (with some killer beats) that it doesn't come off as tired.

The album starts off with one of the best intro's that I've heard and it just keeps going from there with top notch tracks like ...

    "All Eyes on Jesus"
      "I only deal with true saints and not them playa-haters. I ain't in for the loot but lost souls the reason. So I keep my mind on God and all eyes on Jesus."

    "No Weapon"

      "John 10:10 - the theif comes to destroy and kill and Jesus comes and gives life but first you must submit to his will. So get the armor of God and don't forget your sword."

I'll admit I was a bit confused during the "Blaze Up Interlude" and I had to listen to it a couple of times before I realized that they were getting high on the Spirit while they were praying ... and not hitting something else. It reminded me to look beyond what I first see.

Other favorite tracks include "Holla," "Gangstaz Praya" and "313."

Bottom line ... this release rocks! Dyscyple's No Weapon now resides proudly in my MP3 player and two of my kids are picking out songs they want on their own MP3 players as I write this review. A new face around our house (new teen in the neighborhood) sat in here with me in my office through the first seven tracks because he liked it so much. He would have stayed through the entire CD if his mom hadn't called to remind him that he was getting ready to be late getting home. This was instead of going swimming with the rest of the kids ... it don't get much better than that!
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