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Admiral Twin - 'Creatures of Bread & Wine'

'Creatures of Bread & Wine' - The Bottom Line

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Admiral Twin - Creatures of Bread & Wine

Admiral Twin - Creatures of Bread & Wine

Admiral Twin
Catchy pop-rock that's bright and upbeat is what this talented and fresh band brings to the table. However, the lyrics are pretty veiled, leaving me a bit confused.

Admiral Twin - 'Creatures of Bread & Wine' - The Review

Admiral Twin is made up of guitarist John Russell, drummer Jarrod Gollihare, and bassist Mark Carr, each of them very talented. What a tight rhythm section! This is some bright infectious pop rock, serious shades of the Beatles. It's enough to make you forget they toured with the Hansons.

Every tune is fresh, full of sweet three part harmonies and melodies that pop. "The Fool's Brigade" strays nicely from the format; it's intelligent, witty and interesting, mad circus music. I'd be hard-pressed to tell you what it's about though. Much of this great music goes right over my widdle head, I admit it. And I'm paying close attention! I'm not even sure why it's in the Christian market. Which is not to say it's not good, not at all. These guys are rock solid musicians and they bring the fun, no doubt. It's just that if these lyrics are about God, it's a bit of a mystery. Again, I'm not saying that's bad.

They're definitely worth listening to if you like rock that pops, unlimited energy and mysterious intentions. You won't regret it.

Admiral Twin - 'Creatures of Bread & Wine' - The Basics

  • Style: Pop rock
  • 12 original songs
  • Nationally Released: July 2005
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