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Amy Grant - 'Greatest Hits 1986 - 2004'

The Bottom Line - Amy Grant - 'Greatest Hits 1986 - 2004'

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By Dave Bannister

Amy Grant - Greatest Hits 1986-2004

Amy Grant - Greatest Hits 1986-2004

Sparrow Records
What can be said about Amy Grant that hasn't already been said? She has made her mark on the music world and has once again done a fantastic job. If you are an Amy Grant fan, you'll like this CD, if for no other reason, than it contains her greatest hits. If you're not an Amy Grant fan, her new songs just may win you over.

Amy Grant - 'Greatest Hits 1986 - 2004'

Amy Grant's Greatest Hits 1986 - 2004 starts out with two previously unreleased tracks that have been well-kept secrets. The first song, "The Water", has a hint of a Tracey Chapman kind of feel, but is mixed with Amy's classic sound. It makes a good mix for a great song. The second track, "Come Be With Me", featuring Keb' Mo' is a song that is slightly different musically. It has bongo drums and a steel slide guitar which creates an interesting sound. Lyrically, it is a love song, which Amy manages to successfully throw into the mix.

After you get a taste of Amy's new material, you are taken on a journey back in time with all of her classic and greatest hits. You will hear a lot of tunes that you heard all over the radio and MTV as Amy drew her line in the sand as a #1 contender for one of the top spots in music history.

The Basics - Amy Grant - 'Greatest Hits 1986 - 2004'

Amy Grant

Amy Grant

Courtesy of Word Records
  • Style: Pop
  • Released October 12, 2004 by A&M Records
  • 19 songs

The Track List - Amy Grant - 'Greatest Hits 1986 - 2004'

  1. The Water
  2. Come Be with Me (featuring Keb' Mo')
  3. The Next Time I Fall (duet with Peter Cetera)
  4. Saved by Love
  5. Lead Me On
  6. Baby Baby
  7. Every Heartbeat
  8. That's What Love Is For
  9. Good for Me
  10. I Will Remember You
  11. Lucky One
  12. House of Love (duet with Vince Gill)
  13. Big Yellow Taxi
  14. The Things We Do for Love
  15. Takes a Little Time
  16. Like I Love You
  17. I Will Be Your Friend
  18. Simple Things
  19. BONUS TRACK: Baby Baby

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