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Doppler, Inc - 'Nu Instrumetal'

Doppler, Inc - 'Nu Instrumetal' - The Bottom Line

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Doppler Inc. - Nu Instrumetal

Doppler Inc. - Nu Instrumetal

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While this release will probably appeal to musicians more than to the mainstream because it is 100% instrumental, those who like the vocal "meat" of songs should still give it a listen because there is more to this than meets the eye.

Doppler, Inc - 'Nu Instrumetal' - The Details

  • Style: Nu metal meets old school metal

  • Released: April 2005

  • Tracks: 11

  • The Review: A joint effort between Kim and Brian Jones

Doppler, Inc - 'Nu Instrumetal' - The Review

Christian music is generally defined by the lyrics being faith-filled rather than the style of the music itself. Many "Christian" musicians play "secular" music without making a ministry out of it and their faith isn't really mentioned since it's viewed as a personal choice rather than a ministry. Then you get a guy like Doug Doppler and the standard definitions have to be re-written. You see, Doug is a man of tremendous faith who credits his talent as coming from God. He seems almost to be a contradiction of terms. While he doesn't use his music as a "church ministry", he also doesn't keep the whole faith/music thing separate either. He is active in his church but his new release isn't what many would consider "Christian" because there are no lyrics that let people know that he's a Christian. While he can talk guitar and gear with the best of them, he also brings his faith to the table when doing "secular" interviews with no sense of "hiding God in the closet". Like I said, he's almost a contradiction of terms because he really doesn't fall into any of our usual and customary labels. But there is one thing that Christians and non-Christians alike can agree on ... the man is one of the most talented guitarists out there.
A former student of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, there are a lot of Satch and Vai's influences in this release, but Doppler is no copy-cat. His music stands on it's own and is truly magical. While Nu Instrumetal is entirely instrumental and lacks the vocal "meat" and message that is generally found in Christian music, it brings a nice change of pace to the market. The tracks themselves create a vast array of melodies and moods that take you on a journey while displaying over the top skill. Rather than define your emotions for you by putting them into words, Doppler's songs cause you to look within yourself for your own definitions. Tracks like "Wrecking Ball" could very easily bring to mind living in today's society, going about the daily business of living with potential wrecking balls ready to bring down your house at any moment. Or it could be more about keeping the temptations that are always out there at bay in order to keep the devil from wrecking your life.

Doup Doppler doesn't put his own definitions in the music, he lets it speak to you where you're at and if you're one of those folks who likes to step beyond the box of traditions, this CD can open doors for you that might otherwise remain closed.

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