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Tim Hughes - 'When Silence Falls'

'When Silence Falls' - The Bottom Line

About.com Rating 5 Star Rating

By Dave Bannister

Tim Hughes - When Silence Falls

Tim Hughes - When Silence Falls

Survivor Records
It is very clear after listening to "When Silence Falls" that Tim Hughes is only interested in one thing ... praising God with every word that comes out of his mouth. The music is great, the lyrics are solid and if you like contemporary worship, you'll love this album. I highly recommend this CD to anyone.

The Songs of 'When Silence Falls'

"Beautiful One"

This song starts out quiet, but breaks into mainstream contemporary rock. It's very well put together with the lyrics telling Jesus how awesome He is. A great song!


The music in this tune kind of jumps around a bit by building up, getting quiet and staying melodic - all in one! The songwriter wants Jesus instead of the world - and it seems to fit well.

"Consuming Fire"

Starting out with a piano only, this song quickly becomes a worship ballad that has a great acoustic guitar mixed with background strings. The lyrics content stays true to form ... being very worshipful.

"Giver of Life"

Musically, this song has a bit of a retro feel to it, but it is a snappy tune. It encompasses lots of instruments to bring a "full" sound to it. Lyrically, we hear a work that tells God just how good He is.

"Whole World in His Hands"

This one is acoustic and keeps a nice contemporary beat throughout. The lyrics come from an adaptation of Psalm 23 and tell of an omni-present God.

"Beauty of Your Peace"

The piano is the main instrument used in this song. It maintains a quiet, worshipful atmosphere during the entire tune. Lyrically, this song talks about how great God's peace is in our Christian lives.

"Name Above All Names"

Contemporary in its style, it is again mixed with lots of instruments, keeping a rich, full blend of music. The lyrics are consistent with the title of the song - Jesus' name is above all, and everyone will bow before Him one day.

"When the Tears Fall"

This song's tone is quiet, although it does build a bit in the middle. The lyrics are very personal and transparent on the part of the songwriter.

"Nothing in this World"

This one is another quiet, contemporary worship song that blends a piano with a guitar sound and quiet drum beats. Lyrically it is clear that "Jesus you are the one that satisfy's".

"Joy in this Place"

Going back to a retro sound, this song will make you think you are listening to a band from the 60's. The lyrics are happy and go well with the rest of the song.

"Holy, Holy"

The beginning of this song has a bit of an anthem feel to it. It breaks a contemporary style, comes back again, and ends with a full choir vocal blend. It's very well done and the lyrics absolutely praise God in every way.

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