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Vicky Beeching - 'The Journey'

Vicky Beeching - 'The Journey' - The Basics

About.com Rating 2.5 Star Rating


Vicky Beeching - The Journey

Vicky Beeching - The Journey

  • Style: Pop worship

  • EP of five original songs

  • Released: May 5, 2005; full length debut due December, 2005


Vertical heartfelt worship


Somewhat formulaic

Vicky Beeching - 'The Journey' - The Review

Very radio-friendly for the most part, Beeching’s EP should serve as a good introduction to new fans in the States. From London, she was a contributor to “Hungry,” one of the Vineyard’s best selling releases, as well as “Surrender.” “It’s so important to me to write lyrics with excellent theology because I believe songwriting is one of the most powerful vehicles for communicating truth to this media-based generation,” says this artist who often teaches worship and songwriting workshops.

The Journey is reminiscent of Joy Williams’ or Rebecca St. James’ up-beat pop-rock, laden with pop hooks and simple lyrics. The songs are delivered with passion but there isn’t much that stands out about them. This is not to say that she won’t find a fan base for her pop worship; I think she will. By December she may very well have developed The Journey into something significant.

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