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Jon Foreman - 'Fall and Winter'

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Jon Foreman - Fall and Winter

Jon Foreman - Fall and Winter

Credential Recordings
Jon Foreman, the well-known frontman for the multi-platinum band, Switchfoot, delves into solo side projects of indie-folk music with Fall and Winter.

  • Style: Indie-folk
  • 12 songs on 2 CDs
  • Release Date: January 2008

Jon Foreman - 'Fall and Winter' - The Review

I have to admit the first time I listened to Fall and Winter, Jon Foreman's first two EP's, they struck me as "OK" but not spectacular. Maybe it was the day of the week or the weather at the time; perhaps it was my own mood or lack-there-of. Whatever it was, it was apparently way off that day because on second listen, I found that this 2-EP set is a whole lot better than I first gave it credit for.

This is a very different side of Jon Foreman than the one that we've gotten used to. His own personal sound, lyrics and music are very visual. Winter and Fall are a bit dark and that could throw you the first time you listen. However, they are also very real because, let's be honest here, we being the frail humans that we are, have dark sides even though we try to fight them or ignore them most of the time.

The youthful exuberance of Jon's 20s isn't exactly gone, it is more that it has been mixed in with a healthy dose of "the world at large really isn't a nice place sometimes." You know, that reality that sets in when you hit your 30s.

"Somebody’s Baby" really shows that sentiment well. It is the story of a womans drug abuse and her struggles with her addiction. Foreman reminds us that she's somebody's baby -- not just a problem that blocks our way as we try to walk down the street.

"Lord, Save Me From Myself" is another humdinger dose of reality that some may not be prepared for.

    These eyes have seen the glory
    Of this hallow modern shell
    And sex is a grand production
    But I'm bored with that, as well

Not a very pretty picture of the modern Christian man, but an accurate one of someone who is questioning their faith while seeing the lack of depth found in some parts of the Body.

"Equally Skilled" echoes the theme with lines like -

    Both of our hands are equally skilled, at doing evil
    Equally skilled, at bribing the judges
    Equally skilled, at perverting justice

Jon doesn't just call out the rest of the world on these 2 EPs; he looks inward as well. In "Behind Your Eyes" he asks a friend to look behind her well-placed mask to get to the real person inside, something he admits is scary.

Bottom line here is that Jon Foreman is growing and maturing and he is gracefully sharing this with us through his solo releases. He embraces the good and he doesn't hide from the bad or the ugly. To me, this means so much. I respect Jon even more now than before because he seems even more real than before.

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